Coronavirus Policy


Coronavirus Policy

The safety and wellbeing of Albert Marsh and Bestelite Hardfacing Company Ltd’s employees, visitors, contractors, suppliers and service providers is our utmost priority. We have taken all the necessary steps to safe guard all stakeholders and visitors to the business during this unprecedented and difficult time.
AMB Co. Ltd have been running at full capacity throughout the pandemic, whilst deploying the necessary protocols in order to quickly increase or decrease levels according to production requirements. AMB Co. Ltd regularly review our Covid-19 Risk Assessment to ensure we have considered everything reasonably practicable to minimise the risk of coronavirus to our staff, visitors, contractors and clients.

1. Protecting our Employees

AMB Co. Ltd have implemented a number of measures to keep our employees safe (including, but not limited to):
• Daily temperature checks on arrival.
• Face masks to be worn, hands must be regularly washed/sanitised – each desk has sanitiser, with pop up hand wash stations strategically placed around the premises.
• Increased cleaning regimes.
• Movement around the business is limited, with one-way systems in place and segregated break areas to avoid merging of staff groups.
• Staggered shifts.
• Home working when and where feasible.
• Offices and meeting rooms have been adapted to create more working space, with maximum capacity notices displayed.

If a high temperature is recorded during employee temperature checks, they will be asked to wait outside the company premises until a further temperature check is taken 15 minutes later. If a high temperature is confirmed for a 2nd time, that employee will be asked to leave the site and follow the government guidance on self-isolation.

Employees receive regular Employee Communications to ensure they are well briefed on all up-to-date procedures relating to COVID-19.

2. Sustaining Production

We have a multi-skilled workforce and if a Covid outbreak occurs or we see a decline in staffing levels, we are able to re-deploy staff safely and efficiently in order to minimise any potential delays.

3. Supply Chain

Thankfully, we have experienced no interruptions with our supply chain, thus far. Should the situation change for part of our supply chain, we have ensured that we have strong relationships with a large number of suppliers built over many years to mitigate any continuity issues. We are currently running at full capability and our delivery dates are accurate.

4. Visitors to Premises

Whilst the vaccine rollout is some welcome news, we feel that it is incumbent on the business to continue to show diligence and protect our employees and visitors. As such, any visitor to the AMB Co. Ltd premises will be required to adhere to the following preventative measures:
• Complete a ‘COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire’.
• Have their temperature checked on arrival.
• Wear a face covering throughout their stay.
• Receive a briefing on arrival to ensure they are aware of the protocols they must follow whilst on site.
• Maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
• Frequently use the hand wash stations which are strategically positioned throughout the premises.
• Contractors will need to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment, and provide RAMS (which should include reference to COVID-19)

5. Deliveries to site

Delivery drivers will be briefed on the safety measures they must follow when they visit our site.
All drivers must adhere to the following:
• Report to the AMB reception.
• Drivers must then return to their vehicles and wait to receive instructions from an AMB employee.
• Drivers outside their cabin must stay a minimum of 2 metres away from others.
• Driver must return to their vehicle as soon as any collection is received or delivery is completed.

Visiting customers, Suppliers, Contractors & Service Providers may be denied access to AMB if they:

• have had close contact with a COVID-19 diagnosed person in the last 10 days
• are suffering from any of the following ailments:
i) Headache
ii) Fever / a temperature
iii) Sore throat
iv) A persistent cough
v) Loss of taste or smell
AMB co. Ltd continue to regularly review our COVID-19 Business Strategy and Workplace Risk Assessment to ensure we are ready to react as necessary in these unprecedented times.

AMB Co. Ltd fully expect our suppliers to adopt and adhere to the same or similar values and behaviours.

We sincerely hope you, your loved ones and your businesses are not affected.

If you have any queries regarding our approach to this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.